Dan has spent over twenty five years creating and producing award winning advertising for brands the likes of Anheuser Busch, Oscar Mayer, Kraft and The Illinois Office of Tourism at both DDB and JWT Chicago.

After spending countless hours on set and in pre and post production with some of the most talented directors and DP’s in the business, it was inevitable Dan would end up behind the camera.

His depth of experience as an art and creative director taught him the importance of planning and pre-visualization which is why he draws his own storyboards working out every detail of each shot and set up before he gets on location.

Obsessed with light and photography since the age of 16, Dan has spent most of his life behind the viewfinder of a camera. He loves visual story telling and is constantly searching for the most interesting and compelling way to tell each story shot by shot.

His diverse background and years of agency experience bring a unique point of view and professionalism to any project under his care.